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Partner Program provides a bridal registry service to Brides and Grooms that allows them to register their entire honeymoon online. Through a honeymoon registry, guests can purchase any of the honeymoon experiences or even a portion of their trip for the couple as a wedding gift.

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How the Honeymoon Bridal Registry works:

  • does not book travel or any excursions - the wedding couple books and pays for their travel as usual.
  • Brides and Grooms sign up at no charge for the program and create their registry list (see samples).
  • Guests purchase a gift for the couple from their bridal registry list and fill out a wedding gift card.
  • A 7% fee is applied to each transaction for processing, credit card fees and gift announcements. The couple chooses to have the service charge added or deducted from each gift amount. A separate 3% credit card fee is added to card holder and paid directly to the processing company.
  • The wedding receive a card they can print out and hand to the couple at the wedding.
  • Couple has an account that they can view and collect their gift money at any time by check, paypal or an ACH transfer direct to their bank account.
  • Couples are provided with a free wedding website, an online photo album, an email wizard and even a blog!

How does our Free Partner Program work?

  • The Couple pays for travel as normal, the guests pay through our site, we send the gift money to the Couple.
  • We'll give you a designated link that allows us to track all of the activity from your website.
  • If you don't have a website, the couple can select you as a referrer on our main site once you have signed up with
  • We will help you link to our site and give you any marketing materials/training you can use to increase your referrals.
  • Leads generated from our website and bridal shows are distributed to our Partner Agencies on a one for one basis.

What are the benefits?

  • There is no cost to you and its easy - You get your own gift registry software program without spending any money for any memberships or development or the hassle of doing it in house.
  • The bride and groom receive an average of $2,000.00 extra to spend on their honeymoon - You get to book a better package.
  • We will give you 20% of our 7% service fees collected on anything bought from the couples' registry and commissions are paid 30 days after the honeymoon registry closes out. Now you make commission on more than the travel booking.
  • The wedding guests will be directed to your site to view the bridal registry and purchase gifts - You get marketing exposure to the friends and family of your clients.
  • And most of all, your client gets wedding gifts that they really want - they will have their dream honeymoon and you will have life long clients.

Optional Private Label Registry

For a small one time fee, we will create a Private Label site for you (our website with your name and logo on it) instead of just sending you the free designated link. Your clients will be impressed by you having your very own honeymoon registry and they will tell their friends and family that they are registered with "".

Your Private Label site will have a button on the home page that links right back to your travel booking site. All the wedding guests will be exposed to your travel booking site when they come to visit the wedding couples registry, wedding website, photo album or blog! This is the perfect way to market your agency to the guests of the wedding.

We are the travel industry's leading registry provider, see who uses us here.

Custom private label site

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