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Alexia Markowski and Andrew Rust's Honeymoon Registry

Alexia Markowski and Andrew Rust's Registry

Norwegian Viva

Thank you for helping us enjoy the honeymoon of a lifetime! Cash gifts are also welcome, but your presence on our big day is what is most important to us!

Unique Ideas

Norwegian Viva Cruise Fare Contribution

Norwegian Viva Cruise Fare Contribution

The perfect gift does exist and you can be a part of making our dream cruise a reality. Help make our celebrations at sea extra-special with a Cruise Fare gift. Rest assured that you'll be sending us on our way to beautiful locations, where we'll make memories that'll last a lifetime.

Norwegian Viva Cruise Fare Contribution
$50.00 each
38 of 50 available.

Norwegian Viva Trip Contribution

Norwegian Viva Cruise Fare Contribution

Feel the rush of the fastest slides on the open ocean. Then zoom around the world’s first three-level race track at sea on our Prima Class ships. From exploring virtual worlds to sipping bubbly at Vibe Beach Club, there’s excitement for everyone aboard Norwegian Viva.

Norwegian Viva Trip Contribution
$100.00 each
35 of 60 available.

"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Congratulations on your wedding. I hope you have many wonderful years together. I am sorry that we are not able to attend the event. Good luck with your residencies!”
- Smith and Teresa Patterson
“Wishing you a vacation filled with memories to last a lifetime with your forever best friend. Love you forever!”
- Erica Roberts
“We are so disappointed that we can't attend. Congratulations on everything you've accomplished together the past 4 years, you are such an awesome couple. We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon before residency. Please stay in touch!”
- TJ &Liz Atchison
“Congratulations Alexia! "Showering" you with so many well wishes and blessings!”
- Tara Reuscher
“Congratulations! Enjoy your honeymoon!”
- Nicolle Swiatkowski
“Wishing you a lifetime of happiness !!!”
“Can’t wait for your big day- you both deserve all the happiness life has to offer!! Love Alexia &Chris Paterakis”
“Wishing you both a lifetime of love!”
- Lucy Rose
“Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!”
- Laura &Nevin Nussbaum
“Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness. Love,”
- Matt &Theresa Coyne
“Congratulations on your wedding.”
- Janet &Michael &Kenzie &Jacob Wood
“Congratulations, and have a wonderful time on your honeymoon! Love, Jeff and JoAnne Trimbur”
Thank You for visiting my trip registry and personal website. This trip registry allows me to pre-plan all the wonderful things I want to do on my vacation.If you have any questions about how my trip gift registry works, please contact a gift registry specialist at 800-801-3493. Again, Thank You so much for using my trip registry and personal website. Most of all, thank you for helping me have the vacation of my dreams.
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