A Robern Celebration!
A Robern Celebration!

Help us take the trip of a lifetime!

We're sailing on the Norwegian Dawn!
August 19th 2025
England, Scotland, & Ireland
545 Days
9 Hours
59 Minutes

Hello! To celebrate M&M's 15th anniversary, Muffin’s 16th birthday, and Percival’s 13th birthday in 2025, we're going to explore England, Scotland, & Ireland.

We need round trip plane tickets from Winnipeg, and would like to spend some time exploring London and surrounding landmarks like Oxford and Bath before boarding the ship. We're going to rent a dormitory room in London as our home base and focus on walking tours in the city and day trips to places like Bath and Oxford. Onboard the ship, we have two inside rooms: one for the parents and one for the teenagers. The Dawn leaves from Southampton and will take us to Edinburgh, Inverness, the Orkney Isles, Belfast, Liverpool, Dublin, Cork, and Portland.

If you'd like to see some of the things we want to do, you can browse the list by clicking here.

You can help us take this trip of a lifetime in three ways:

1) giving to us directly via PayPal (US currency incurs a cross-border fee)

2) contributing directly to our onboard ship account for shore excursions through Norwegian Cruise Line's registry (7% fee)

3) giving us an experience via Honeyfund's registry (fees charged by both Honeyfund and PayPal)

You can also browse the things we want to do on the Honeyfund registry and donate directly via our PayPal link. Just tell us what you'd like us to use the money for in your note!